I have capable my sensual greening at cardinal through with persistent effort. I cognise the aforesaid normal grades are fermentable for any one who will locomote my ex¬ample. The inquiring is, "Will you do so?" The number will say, "That man has a number of obedient ideas," and add, "I have a feeling that I do condition a organized rules of exercise, and when I have time I may proceeds this up."

You possibly will as fine say you have no instance to eat or slumber. You can't be growing unless you exercise. Health should be your early anticipation. Financial success and separate things are of supplemental importance, for with health, force and elasticity of article the likelihood of financial occurrence are greatly in¬creased. Without these attributes, the supreme pecuniary success is of but minor efficacy.

How more of our familiarity employees - our community and professionals - have sacrificed well-being and health by following the paradox, "I am too overbusy - I have no instance to bear tending of my health"? There is solitary one consequence to a life upon these lines - an archeozoic breakdown is necessarily undisputed. Many have skilful acute prosperity in substitute for their health, but have spent that lavishness in in vain endeavoring to retrieve their former, but now wasted, geological vigour.

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I don't scold business occurrence. Wealth is a impressively obedient state of affairs to have. But the highest economic success will not apologize for ill well-being. Better gradual descending now, earlier it is too late, and brainstorm the instance to build yourself hearty and fit. Otherwise you may come together your Maker earliest than you should.

Another dissuasion repeatedly lifted is, "I am too old." If I, a ingrained sick at fifty, near untoward heritable and geological provisions and critical environments, have been able to maculation myself up and am now as goodish as new, past you, too, can sure as shooting have the self natural event. You are ne'er too old. Try it. Start now and you will displace.

It is so that to be in the first-class animal con¬dition does need never-ending limelight. But the end is worthy the means, for the repay is health, strength, and lon¬gevity - the real mammon in the international. Just try to create in your mind a development where on earth you are abounding but unhealthy. Life is for sure going to be dreary.

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Just as engineers and skilful machinists, em¬ployed to fastidiousness for the convoluted machine of a acute ship, are for eternity polish¬ing up and looking after the many information of that machine in proclaim that it may have its untouchable efficiency; so the involved ma¬chinery of the quality organic structure essential be assiduously and intelligently cared for, or it will sure enough collapse.

There is no "royal road to wellness." It cannot be bought. If you would have possession of it you essential employment for it. But the way is easy, the carry out not not easy. Try the easy, established and twopenny-halfpenny fashion of getting health-exercise.

"DO IT NOW." Begin mean solar day morning.

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