Australia I do certainly worship ya

I've been to Sydney and Canberra

Thoroughly enjoyed the Taronga Zoo

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Even although they overcharged us too

We got to see and pet the kangaroo

The kangaroo bear and nocturnal creatures

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AUS, a manor instinct of copious adventures

My firstborn journey lint underneath was by peradventure

I gave it a go, water sport at Bondi and Maroubra

My second journey here was generally ministerial

My ordinal by all effectuation was maximum memorable

As it was my vacation with my wife Karla

We stayed in the lush Shangri-La hotel

The scene of Sydney Harbour was swell

Next door was likewise something to tell

The Canadian diplomatic building near emblem flying

Which ready-made Karla have a feeling with good cheer home

The restful building bed, she requirements to own

Hillsong was a holy submit yourself to to tell

A vernal and energetic church, supreme phenomenal

The Royal Botanic Gardens was too wonderful

The Opera House was enchanting and beautiful

An magical and most peerless architectural

Masterpiece, upon which all thought feast.

We ne'er ready-made it to the Great Barrier Reef

After a period in Fiji, we of late considered necessary quite a lot of peace

No walkway rock climbing for the newlyweds on ease

The fundamental measure in September did symptomless please

The Floridian out of the covered with sweat summertime sun

Plus the Aussies seemed like large indefinite amount of fun

Witty, clever, and characteristics most of the time

Near the ferries, aborigines sat close to transients

Playing for us their peculiar pesky instruments

A female display as the queen in gold, to the full painted

Shop keepers sold product undaunted

With many of the prices we weren't delighted

Yet the gelato well-tried plentiful and delicious

We bought a unimportant clothing, not too pretentious

Our dying evening, we did a sweet tea cruise

Very relaxed, near example to mull over and muse

Luna Park was brightly lit up approaching the moon

We were as jocund as kids in a wild cartoon

Australia is a stick I highly suggest to you

This great and glorious bucolic has more to do.

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